Deep Time

Deep Time Hello and welcome to the natural history podcast, today we will be talking about deep time. It is not the extinction follow up episode. That is taking a long time to nice weave in to something that makes any sense at all. In fact by the time I finish it, you maybe measuringContinue reading “Deep Time”


What are fossils and how do they form?  Hello and welcome to the Natural History Podcast. It has been a few weeks since I last made an episode, a big sorry to my 4 listeners. I began writing a follow up to the last extinction episode and became bogged down in research. Matters where madeContinue reading “Fossils”


Extinction How come we don’t keep ammonites in a tropical fish tank? For the same disappointing reason, we won’t be digging in to a medium-rare, stegosaurus steak for dinner. This is because they are extinct and Extinction occurs, when the last of any species dies.  The media occasionally mentions some thing about how the earthContinue reading “Extinctions”

Dinosaurs Dieseases

Hello and welcome to the natural history podcast. Today, we are looking dieseases, injury and illness for they are as old as life. When we think of prehistoric life we always envision them   running, flying, scuttling with no problems at all. However it is something they had to deal with, something we have to deal.Continue reading “Dinosaurs Dieseases”

The Great Divide

  Hello and welcome to episode 1 of the Natural History podcast. The great Divide. England and Scotland. It is not the obvious divide. Tea or Iron-Bru.   No there is a bigger divided, one so vast it split the UK in two and very few of us even know anything about it. And no,Continue reading “The Great Divide”

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